Please Stop

Opening Pop-Up Shops

Our regular look at a design trend that needs to end.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

As sales migrate to the web, but real-life experiences remain key to growing a consumer base, brands seem to have settled on a unsavory compromise: the pop-up shop. These ephemeral storefronts, opened and closed by the likes of high-fashion brand Vetements and electronic music duo Daft Punk, are the temporary tattoos of retail—they’re flashy, but frayed at the edges. They live and die by social media, as they require a profusion of positive posts to leverage short-term leases into long-term exposure. From a marketing perspective, this model makes sense, as rent is obscene in major cities, and the Instagram photos from dedicated fans will far outlive a modest budget approved by the finance team. Luckily, this strategy can and should be co-opted. Don’t give pop-ups the free publicity they’re poking you for. After all, the people behind these mercantile back zits must on some level acknowledge the truth. If you don’t to set up shop for more than a quarter, you probably don’t need to be around at all.

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