A Chunky, Color-Soaked Vase with the Neck Of A Swan

Dinosaur Designs’s latest collection includes a vessel that’s as graceful as the bird it was named for.

Dinosaur Designs co-founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have a sun-filled studio in Strawberry Hills—a neighborhood in Sydney, Australia—that permits them to see color in a pure, unadulterated light. The couple has been creating chunky, color-soaked homeware and jewelry since 1985, after Olsen and Ormandy hit it off at art school. Their work is marked by swirls of rich, earthy tones with seductive, smooth-to-the-touch surfaces. Recently, the pair opted to expand their color palette with pastels. The result is a dreamy collection, Blush, that includes the Swan vase, pictured above. Each one is hand-sanded and hand-polished, giving every vessel a singular, elegant shape.

(Photo: Courtesy Dinosaur Designs.)

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