Photographer Dennis Morris Turns His Lens to EYEVAN 7285 for New Sunnies Collaboration

Including design-y details meant to mimic film strip negatives, but of course.

Including design-y details meant to mimic film strip negatives, but of course.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Using that framework, the window treatments to the soul are, undoubtedly, eyewear.

How apt then that famed portrait photographer Dennis Morris (who has captured the essence of subjects such as Bob Marley and John Lydon of the Sex Pistols) was tapped by Eyevan 7285 to collaborate on a capsule collection—and, but of course, shoot the product.

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EYEVAN x Dennis Morris manifests in two limited-edition styles—the pared-back, metal-rimmed, circle-lensed SPUTNIK and more maximalist UPTOWN, which features oversize lenses and thick, lacquered frames—are available in multiple colorways. The former style was inspired by the frames worn by John Lydon in a sitting photographed by Morris; the latter is reminiscent of the oversize sunglasses Morris himself wore in decades past.

Available starting this Friday, March 22, Eyevan x Dennis Morris’s wares—which are handmade in Japan—can be yours. And with no more than 360 units per style—an extremely limited availability—you’ll be sure to stand out in style.

In particular, we’ve got our eyes on the black UPTOWN style that has design-y details meant to mimic film strip negatives. (We’re all for on-the-nose details—especially when that’s exactly where an accessory will be resting.)

Morris’s Eyevan collaboration allows one to experience life through his lens. Now that’s la vie en rose.


(Photos: Courtesy EYEVAN 7285)

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