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Fairchain Celebrates Three Years With a Summer Happy Hour

On June 28, Fairchain celebrated its third anniversary with a happy hour at New York City's Time bar. Max Kendrick and Charlie Jarvis founded the art-market disruptor three years ago to better manage fine art authentication, rights, and transactions, and to allow artists and galleries to earn royalties on secondary sales. Revenue from the sales endows Fairchain nonprofit, the Fairchain Fund for Working Artists, which supports artists through grants. The founders and their network of art-world friends toasted the company over “Rauschenberg Punch” Yuzu margaritas and Tokyo Sours—whiskey sours made from Japanese whiskey.
Notables in attendance included Danny Baez, Hannah Traore, Jae Joseph, Jasmine Wahi, Kyle DeWoody, Neil Hamamoto, and Renee Cox. Photos by Sansho Scott/BFA.
Paul Lachman, Jae Joseph, Charlie Jarvis
Renee Cox, Jasmine Wahi
Kyle DeWoody, Phyllis Hollis, Hannah Traore
Cameron Andre
Charlie Jarvis, Danny Baez
Hannah Traore, Issa Traore
Max Kendrick, Charlie Jarvis
Hannah Gottlieb-Graham, Neil Hamamoto

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