Space Shifters: Brock Collection

The husband-and-wife team explain the idiosyncrasies of their studio.

From their design studio in downtown Los Angeles, Kris Brock and Laura Vassar Brock produce ready-to-wear pieces that are known for their romantic tailoring and rich, feminine fabrics. Here, they walk us through where and how they work when designing for their label, Brock Collection.

Laura: Space is really important to us when we’re working. I’m always rearranging furniture to make sure the studio is in the same mood as I am. It’s something that I grew up doing; my mom and her sisters and her mom were always rearranging furniture. Consistently refreshing the space and giving it new energy really affects our work.

Kris: The cool thing about all the pieces in the space is that they’re each stand-alone. And they make it feel like home.

Laura: It’s funny, because both of our desks are actually tables. I work at little wooden French farm table. I always like it to be clean when I start and clean when I finish, but it’s such a mess throughout the day when we’re working, especially when we’re sketching. I sketch on plain white computer paper, and I have this one soft pencil I love.

Kris: I type everything. I got a notebook, maybe two years ago, because I really wanted to be a notebook user. I have carried that notebook around in my work bag ever since—and I’ve never, ever, used it. I always have it in my bag, but I never use it. It’s more of a good-luck charm now.

Laura: We’re different in that way. We have separate nitpicky things.

Kris: Yeah, like, I have to have to have the mood board perfectly straight and Laura has to have the floor completely clean—you can always tell who has been here.

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