Will Your Next Sofa Fit Into an Envelope?

Ikea’s design lab leaned on generative AI to devise a flat-packed sofa that fits snugly in a tote bag.

Couches have always been a headache to move, but what if your next sofa could be easily flat-packed? Thanks to generative AI, it may soon be reality. Space10, the Danish design lab dedicated to ideating products for Ikea, teamed with Panter&Tourron to prototype a modular, bench-like sofa with thin cushioned panels that fit snugly in an envelope-like tote and weighs only 22 pounds.

Hundreds of Midjourney and DALL-E prompts—“we want to use this as a collaborative tool,” says Space10’s Georgina McDonald—progressed the concept from an origami diner booth and pillowed clamshell to its final form, which draws from conversation pits. From there, the designers developed a comfortable sofa that could actually be built and displayed their prototype at Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

(All images courtesy of Space10.)

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