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Francisco Costa Sniffs through the Brazilian Coastline for Inspiration

Francisco Costa is bathing in the sun for his second act. The former creative director of Calvin Klein, following his 14-year tenure at the fashion brand, founded Costa Brazil, a line of sustainable home fragrances and skincare that speaks to his home nation. Indeed, during his turn as a fashion designer, the 55-year-old followed the codes laid out by the label, creating sleek dresses and suits with a posh New York attitude. But now that he has his own company, he can dive deeper into what inspires him: images and environments that enliven his senses. From seductive photographs on the beach shot by Sam Rock to aerial views of the Amazon, Costa gives us a whiff of what puts him in the mood to create.
Body Oil

“Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil has our Jungle Complex as the core of its formulation including a great selection of butters that will improve your skin’s texture. It also contains our signature breu and Brazilian vetiver scent. I love the simplicity of the packaging with a recycled rubber shoe for safety.”


“Rio de Janeiro at Abricó nudist beach.”


“Sam Rock is a master when capturing the moment and defining the space with so much humor and wit. This lifestyle portrait of Ipanema beach is truthfully transporting.”

Costa Brazil

“This iconic picture is the essence of Costa Brazil. The portrait exudes beauty, elegance, and has a timeless quality.”

Gregorios River

“This is the view of Gregorios river in the state of Acre, Amazon, Brazil. This river is the central artery for the Yaminawá people; the source of food, recreation, and transport.”

Costa Brava Club

“A beautiful photo shot at the Costa Brava Club in Rio de Janeiro.”

Burning Breu

“Burning breu is a precious resin from the Almaciga tree in the Amazon that the Yaminawá tribe use during their ceremonies. It's also a powerful antimicrobial mosquito repellent, said to open the sixth chakra.”

Fasano Hotel

“Caroline Trentini in the pool at the Fasano Hotel—the most gorgeous view in all of Rio de Janeiro.”

The Amazon

“I love this picture because of the colors and the canoe, a very basic form of transportation in the Amazonian mangroves. Since I started Costa Brazil, I’ve taken three trips into the Amazon. The inimitable richness of the forest and wealth of natural resources inspired me, and ultimately the idea for Costa Brazil.”

The Scent of Breu

“My first encounter with the breu resin was at the Yaminawá community in the Acre region of Brazil. I fell in love with its scent and after discovering its potent qualities, it became our first ingredient as part of our Jungle Complex, which can be found in every Costa Brazil product.”

His Home

“I enjoy my spaces uncluttered and calm. I constantly move around my objects and furniture. It provides me with a different perspective every time and energizes the room. I have an organic collection of 14 objects acquired during many trips from around the world.”

Rio de Janeiro

“Photo by Sam Rock, ‘Rio de Janeiro.’ I love this photo because it shows diversity, freedom, ease, and happiness.”


“This rich mangroves area is a protected reserve and the natural habitat for many birds, crustaceans, and medicinal black clay. Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.”

Face Oil

“Face oil was created with our exclusive beauty trinity at the core of Costa Brazil’s skincare ritual containing mineral rich Kaya, antioxidant packed Cacay, and the sacred soothing properties of breu resin. It hydrates, boosts radiance, calms, and soothes.”

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