These Pieces of Furniture Resemble Obscure Pokémon

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Tube Chair by Objects of Common Interest → Altaria

We imagine sitting on this curvaceous lounge chair’s enveloping foamy volumes feels akin to nestling into Altaria’s fluffy, cloud-like plumage as it gracefully soars through the sky.


Oo Lamp by Eny Lee Parker → Slurpuff

The spherical bulbs atop these neotenic floor lamps resemble lollipops—or perhaps the two pink ears of Slurpuff, a sweet-toothed species whose keen sense of smell (100 million times stronger than humans) makes them top-notch assistants for pastry chefs.


Apollo Armchair by Lara Bohinc → Cosmog

Bohinc’s interstellar fascinations yielded the Apollo Chair, whose cylindrical cushions float cloud-like within a looping golden frame to evoke orbital motion. We can’t help but think of Cosmog, a gaseous “child of the stars” often blown away by gentle breezes.


Boa by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra → Tangrowth

Tangela’s lesser-known evolution often ensnares prey by extending its arms made of vines. We wouldn’t mind getting trapped in the soft embrace of Boa’s polyurethane cushions, which glisten with a peculiar brightness thanks to velvet upholstery.


Adjustable Table E1027 by Eileen Gray → Klefki

This circular side table feels weightless yet reliable thanks to a tubular steel construction. In a similar vein, the steel-type Klefki is often entrusted to hoard important keys as an anti-theft measure, despite being known to sneak into people’s homes to steal them.


Hortensia Chair by Andres Reisinger → Aromatisse

Much like Aromatisse, the Spanish designer’s star-making Hortensia Chair is clad head-to-toe in pink hydrangea petals. It’s unclear whether or not it can also emit pleasant, aroma-like fragrances or odors so repugnant that its battle opponents lose their sense of smell.


Green Pluvium Umbrella Stand by Giancarlo Piretti → Maractus

The rhythmic way that Piretti’s plastic statement piece cascades upward isn’t unlike the uptempo choreography of Maractus, who emits maraca-like cacophonies to ward off desert-dwelling avian predators.


Fur Chair by Crosby Studios → Mismagius

When Harry Nuriev debuted this furry furnishing, he transformed Opening Ceremony into an ultraviolet fever dream. It tracks that the chair’s wispy upholstery resembles the ghostly purple cloak of Mismagius, a banshee-like species whose cry causes headaches and hallucinations.


La Ceja Mirror by Chris Wolston → Comfey

Vivid tropical motifs interlock to make this wall-mounted mirror a dazzling must-have that commands attention and soothes the soul. The same can be said for Comfey, who stretches sticky vines from its head in wreath-like shapes to pick flowers for its allies.


Branching Bubble Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman → Sudowoodo

Like the famous chandelier, Sudowoodo mimics a tree branch by standing still along paths to avoid predators. Both are also published in magazines with hyper-devoted fanbases.


Split Lamp by Ovuud → Kartana

Every edge of Kartana’s paper-thin body is razor sharp and can slice gigantic steel towers directly in half. While this cutting-edge floor lamp is far less dangerous, its bent-oak build rivals its Poke-counterpart in sleekness and style. 


Drift Sofa by Fernando Mastrangelo → Avalugg

A monolithic iceberg shrouded in translucent cracks, Avalugg’s massive body is just as hard as steel. Fernando Mastrangelo’s Drift Sofa, meanwhile, features soft-as-silk velvet upholstery in nuanced blue tones that emulates the creature’s cracked, geode-like body.


Baby Beluga Chair by Atra → Dewgong

Virtually invisible in snowy conditions, Dewgong’s plush white fur keeps it warm in frigid waters, while its horn slices through thick ice floes. Mexico City-based Atra fashioned this plump lounge chair swathed in shearling wool that feels as thick and fat as a sea lion. 


Pelican Chair by Finn Juhl → Wooloo

First devised in 1940, the Pelican chair perhaps best embodies Juhl’s surrealist fascinations. While it indeed resembles a flying pelican, the special wool-swatched edition is just as plush as Wooloo’s coat, which doubles as an insulating layer and a cushion so it survives falling off of cliffs.


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