A Special Edition Grand Seiko Collection Offers Watches for All 24 Seasons (Yes, 24)

The Japanese reputation for precision is not unearned. Even their traditional calendar offers 24 seasons (sekki) to the West’s four. With every sekki further split into three subsets (ko), their 72 seasons each play out in days, not months, better capturing and honoring nature’s many expressions.

It’s this fluid—yet more rigorous—understanding of time that Grand Seiko has turned into a motif to celebrate its iconic 62GS from 1967. To honor this, its first automatic timepiece, the watchmaker has crafted four new gorgeously themed dials to go with its “Zaratsu” polished bezel- free cases, one each for Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. At the heart of these heritage models are one of two signature Grand Seiko’s calibers: the seamless Spring Drive for the Spring and Winter editions and the powerful Mechanical Hi-Beat 36,000 for Summer and Autumn. Dynamic and refined, each would carry you through its theme season, or all four.
"On this gentle sunny spring day, I wonder why only the cherry blossoms cannot stay calm, instead scattering every which way on the ground."

Grand Seiko Special Edition SBGA413 "Spring", $6,300, and all Grand Seiko boutiques and authorized dealers.
"When the sun goes down, the autumn breeze touches the fields in front of my home, enticing the rice stalks to whisper a lovely little song. The cool autumn night touches my heart too, as I sit in my country home of straw."
Dainagon Tsunenobu

Grand Seiko Special Edition SBGH273 “Fall” $6,300, and all Grand Seiko boutiques and authorized dealers.
"The summer nights are so short, when you think the night’s only just begun, it’s already dawn. Where in the clouds is the moon hiding?"

Grand Seiko Special Edition SBGH271 “Summer” $6,300, and all Grand Seiko boutiques and authorized dealers.
"Approaching the shores of the Tago-no-ura, I look to the horizon to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, swathed in mystical white. Snow keeps falling at its glorious summit."

Grand Seiko Special Edition SBGA415 “Winter” $6,300, and all Grand Seiko boutiques and authorized dealers.

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