Pucker Up! In Honor of Bocca Sofa's Birthday, Gufram Adds 25 New, Lip Kit–Hued Colorways

Sealed with a kiss.

Sealed with a kiss.

Gufram’s collectible design objects aren’t just décor; they’re conversation pieces.

Since 1966, the Italian furniture purveyor has been churning out designs that buck expectations. Whimsical yet refined, the ageless pieces in its oeuvre include Baby-Lonia, MAgriTTA, and, last but not least, its most imitated (though never duplicated) work: Bocca sofa.

Bocca sofa is celebrating a milestone this year as it turns 50. In its honor, Gufram has made some updates to its offering, all of which will ensure your Bocca is en vogue for the next 50 years. (And the 50 years after that, and after that, and … you get the point.)

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Upholstered in an all-new bouclé wool material, the updated Bocca textile skews matte, driving home the sofa’s sculptural element thanks to its light-absorbing properties.

Perhaps the most exciting amendment is the availability of 25 new Bocca colorways. Ranging from taupe to marigold to ivory, we can’t help but notice that the lip kit-hued colors resemble the work of some foremost beauty blogger swatches.

Thanks to Gufram’s handiwork, Bocca’s birthday is being celebrated with a bang—and its gift, in the form of new shade options and reinforced materials, is appropriately sealed with a kiss.

(Photos: Courtesy Gufram)



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