Ikea Debuts a Colorful Gaming Furniture Collection, and Other News

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Ikea launches a colorful new collection of versatile gaming furniture named Brännboll.

Ikea has launched a vibrant new collection of gaming furniture named Brännboll, designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday living spaces without dominating them. This line, which debuts in vibrant hues like yellow, green, blue, and red, includes pieces such as inflatable chairs, folding armchairs, and versatile rolling carts, aimed at making gaming areas more lively and adaptable. By focusing on multifunctionality and discreet storage solutions, Ikea is aiming to both gamers and non-gamers, enhancing the home environment with furniture that transitions smoothly from gaming to daily use.

A major fire sweeps through Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange, collapsing its spire.

A devastating fire swept through Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange, a 17th-century landmark, destroying about half the building and its famed dragon-tail spire while it was under renovation. Emergency responders and volunteers quickly mobilized to save numerous priceless artworks and valuables housed within, including large paintings displayed for public events. Danish officials and citizens expressed profound loss over the cultural heritage damage, with efforts ongoing to determine the cause and manage the aftermath.

Anish Kapoor. Photography by Vibrant Pictures/Alamy Stock Photo

Anish Kapoor criticizes the Venice Biennale’s theme as upholding xenophobic rhetoric.

Anish Kapoor has criticized the theme “Foreigners Everywhere” of the 60th Venice Biennale, arguing that it inadvertently aligns with the xenophobic rhetoric of Italy’s right-wing government, despite curator Adriano Pedrosa’s intention to subvert racist language. Kapoor highlighted that the theme echoes the growing global right-wing extremism and the recent cultural shifts under Italy’s current administration, which includes appointing predominantly native leaders to major museums. Pedrosa defended his choice, explaining that the theme reflects both the universal presence of foreigners and Venice’s identity as a city teeming with international visitors and artists, aiming to provoke thought on the nature of foreignness and inclusion.

David Chang apologizes for Momofuku’s attempt to trademark the term “chili crunch.”

David Chang has apologized on his podcast for his company Momofuku’s controversial attempt to trademark the term “chili crunch,” which sparked criticism from the AAPI community and beyond. Chang and Momofuku CEO Marguerite Mariscal acknowledged the backlash from friends, customers, and fellow chefs, leading to their decision to stop enforcing the trademark, admitting the move could have marginalized many in the culinary community. Despite the intention to differentiate their product, Chang expressed regret over the potential monopoly on a common term within Asian cuisine, opting not to enforce the trademark to possibly let “chili crunch” become a generic term no single entity can own.

UNESCO adds 18 new sights around the world to its growing Global Geoparks list.

UNESCO has added 18 new sites to its Global Geoparks list, emphasizing the locations not only for their geological features but also for their cultural and ecological importance, with the total now standing at 213 geoparks across 48 countries. Among the highlights are Uberaba in Brazil, celebrated for its rich paleontological sites and eco-friendly agricultural practices, and the Biokovo-Imotski Lakes in Croatia, renowned for their dramatic karst landscapes and historical sites. Meteora Pyli in Greece, known for its ancient monasteries perched atop sandstone columns, and Longyan in China, a center for Hakka culture, are noted for integrating natural beauty with deep cultural traditions.

Maria Vittoria Paggini’s “porno-chic” Milan apartment. Image courtesy of courtesy of Maria Vittoria Paggini

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