Double Tap


The standout Instagram account that’s capturing our attention right now.

Silicon Valley–based Michele Bisaillon doesn’t digitally process her photos. Pulling from her collection of about 50 mirrors, she creates analog collages by positioning them to produce reflections against everyday objects: tiles, asphalt, bedsheets. Subjects include her feline companion, Peach, as well as flowers, and parts of her body, though rarely her face. “Struggling with body-image issues, I didn’t like how I appeared in a mirror normally. So, I took the mirrors and shot them in a way that highlighted parts of my body I wanted to feel more comfortable with,” she says. But Bisaillon doesn’t take her hobby or herself too seriously. “I love this almost childlike mentality of thinking everything is fun—the whimsy. Anything is what you make of it.”

@michel_e_b, 111,000 followers

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