The Sequel Is Female: Reinventing the Style of the New 007

Three design suggestions for the new lead in the famed (if misogynistic) film franchise, all from woman-run brands.

Lashana Lynch. Photo via

It has been confirmed that Lynch, Lashana Lynch will be taking on the codename 007—the one normally associated with James Bond, the most iconic spy in film history—in the 25th installment of the Bond franchise due in theaters April 2020. The English actress, with Jamaican roots, is best known for her supporting role as Maria Rambeau in the blockbuster hit Captain Marvel. She is the first woman—and a black one at that—to take on the famous alias since moviegoers first became familiar with it 57 years ago.

From Sean Connery’s machismo to Daniel Craig’s swagger, six actors have brought their own sensibility to 007, offering a new spin on the general public’s ideal man within each era. Still, there are certain attributes that run through all of 007’s iterations: ingenuity, sophistication, and an impeccable sense of style. The bearer of the codename always wears suits fit to the nines, drives fast cars, and orders his martinis shaken, not stirred.

Now that Lynch is set to take on the 007 moniker (though, presumably, not the Bond name), we expect at least one thing will stay the same: MI6’s ultimate spy will always be the pinnacle of refinement. That said, any change of the guard comes with a whole different set of stylish accoutrements. And seeing how a woman will be at the center of the film series, we rounded up a few woman-led brands that would be most becoming of the seventh 007.


There is precedent for BMWs in the Bond world: Pierce Brosnan’s era had plenty to go around. The new 007 may want to revisit the brand, considering that the lead designer of BMW Group Designworks is Alexandra McGill. She oversees the interiors for all the automobiles, especially the 2019 i8, the perfect all-electric ride for any world-class spy.


Like Lynch, Givenchy’s artistic director, Clare Waight Keller, is the first woman to assume a position heretofore held by men. Since taking over the reins, she’s been celebrated for bringing a femine touch to the brand, without forgoing any sense of power or control. She blends sleek silhouettes with flirty details seamlessly, always letting the wearer’s aura shine through. Case in point: the suits and jackets in her Fall 2019 collection are just as debonair as the Brioni tuxedos that Brosnan wore (and far more alluring).


From Connery’s Rolex Submariner, to Timothy Dalton’s TAG Heuer Professional Night-Dive, to Craig’s Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, James Bond’s timepieces are as legendary as the character himself. They are also all sizable, commanding attention with every flick of the wrist. But a woman 007 would be more covert (as spies should be), and would opt for the Cartier Tank Française instead. The new pink gold version is sleek, while emitting just enough flash without being too distracting. Under the helm of the brand’s timepieces creation director Marie-Laure Cérède, the Tank collection has become the ultimate status symbol—and the Française (which comes out in September 2019, and retails for $22,000) would be a great addition to 007’s reputed watch list.

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