Kelly Wearstler Sinks Her Teeth Into Stone Furniture

The prolific designer joins forces with stone purveyor Arca for a colorful series of one-of-a-kind pieces that plumb the potential of natural stone.

The NUDO collection by Kelly Wearstler for ARCA. Photography by Harper Smith

Over the years, Kelly Wearstler has carved a place for herself as the progenitor of a modern aesthetic: groovy but not goofy, comfy but smart, and sharp enough to never get too cozy. Her latest collab feels perfectly of the moment, teaming with Miami-via-Mexico stone purveyor Arca to utilize its ancient materials and forward-thinking technology for one-of-a-kind pieces that offer, as she describes, “a nuanced and sensual interplay of suppleness and strength.” 

The Nudo collection comprises 16 furniture pieces and a further six accessories, each a knotty exploration of natural stone’s potential. Benches in Pink Marble seem to effortlessly double back on themselves before tying themselves off to complete the design; linear iterations also pull off the trick, as do consoles, stools, side tables, and chairs, in the pink or eye-catching options like Rainbow Onyx, Fior di Bosco, Amarillo Triana, and more. Platters, bowls, and multiple vases put a bow on the collection, just in time for an exhibition in Wearstler’s immersive installation at Arca Wynwood from Wednesday, Nov. 30, where they’ll be joined by a large-scale installation of Alicja Kwade’s lustrous marble spheres.  

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