Kelly Wearstler’s Tabletop Debut Does It All

Designed to compliment her energetic interiors, the designer’s debut tabletop collection for Serax deftly shows shows off the themes her award-winning practice gravitates toward but with a newly pared-down touch.

Known for her energetic interiors with propensities for a power clash, Kelly Wearstler and the word “subtle” rarely share the same sentence. But that’s precisely what makes her debut tabletop collection for Belgian brand Serax so striking. That, and the two parties were already quite familiar with each other. “I’ve long dreamt of designing a tabletop collection,” Wearstler tells Surface, “and since I specify Serax for so many of my projects, they truly felt like the perfect partner.” The range, which debuted earlier this week, deftly shows off the themes her award-winning practice gravitates toward—technology, the handmade, nature, and material mixes—but with a newly pared-down touch. 

Across two robust series of flatware, glassware, and servingware, Wearstler offers something for everybody. Hospitality designers may favor Dune, whose two-tone matte and high-gloss finishes enhance the sculptural crests and ridges of dishes and platters. (Try pairing them with marble servingware.) At-home tables could use a pop from Zuma, which pairs futuristic vector grids with ancient glassware motifs for an eye-catching blend of nature and artifice. In the spirit of her interiors, the collections work best when they color outside the lines. “Our collection is vast,” Wearstler says. “We’ve implemented a range of materials—porcelain, ceramic, glass, wood, marble, and metal—for an offering that can be mixed and matched to design a rich and dynamic tablescape.”

(All photography by The Ingalls.)

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