Pairing Ergonomics and Beauty, Kohler’s Avoir Toilet is a Utopian Vision  

The tankless toilet revolution is here—and Kohler’s latest offering is the commode à la mode.

It goes by many names: loo, can, porcelain god, john, bog, thinking throne, head, thunderbox, oval office, dunny, khazi, and a host of other sobriquets cleverly devised throughout history. But rarely has it been called a sculpture.  

When the time comes to pick out a toilet—whether for a new build or renovation—some people may prefer to find a vessel that gets the job done with as little fuss as possible, freeing themselves to concentrate on decor choices that are less euphemistically charged. That would be a lost opportunity, seeing as the toilet has become somewhat of a design superstar in recent years. Updated technology, improved functionality, and sleek aesthetics define the modern commode. Primitive latrines date back at least 5,000 years, but much like everything in the 21st century, they’re getting a futuristic treatment that borders on utopian vision. 

Sleek and architectural, the latest entry into the Brave New Toilet space comes by way of Kohler. The plumbing brand has been in the business of outfitting America’s bathrooms since 1873, consistently delivering quality and innovation with a keen eye reared toward melding aesthetics and function. Just take a look at this 1929 exhibit on the modern bathroom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or its new sink collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham that features a pebble-shaped wash basin made of 3D-printed vitreous china.

Specifically, in the past decade, Kohler has focused on merging cutting-edge design with excellence in water conservation technology, recently winning the EPA’s WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award for the seventh time. The win is attributed to the company’s sustainability and social impact strategy, which also played a part in the development of Avoir. 

Tankless toilets are ubiquitous in public spaces and gaining steam in multifamily dwellings, but tank toilets still reign supreme in private residences. That’s due to tank technology being well-established and also cheap—these toilets use gravity to siphon waste with very little water pressure when the flusher is pushed. Tankless toilets, on the other hand, require more pressure to move the same amount of material. 

Kohler set out to revolutionize the genre with the Avoir, a model that leverages water line pressure and an innovative flush mechanism to whisk away waste with less than two gallons of water. The flush valve operates on four AA batteries that will last up to one year with standard use, reducing battery and electronic waste. Each of these interventions make Avoir an eco-friendly alternative to the standard toilet. 

Avoir also excels when it comes to aesthetics. Its skirted profile is elegant and minimalist, with artfully curved sides and a concealed trapway, making it easy to integrate into pretty much any bathroom. The most appealing point? Its chair height seating, which makes getting up and down easier for most adults. Finally, discretion and poise are built into Avoir with its Quiet Close lid and seat, which make trips to the W.C. as unobtrusive as possible.

“Avoir brings stunning style and best-in-class performance to a wider circle of consumers who seek gracious and sustainable living,” says Dongha Lee, design studio manager at Kohler. “The Avoir is ideal for those who are looking to make an impact in their bathroom space.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

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