These Leather Poufs and Pillows Channel Colombian Saddle-Making

Imbued with a tactile spirit, l’aviva home’s richly detailed Talabartero collection fuses the time-honored craft of Colombian saddle-making with Fernando Botero’s bold use of color.

Talabartero Braided Leather Bolster Pillow by l'aviva home

Amidst the whirlwind of seasonal trends, designers often find their best inspirations from decades past. For its new Talabartero collection, l’aviva home reminisced on the 20th century to create a sumptuous set of leather poufs and pillows in striking jewel tones. 

When the team sat down to conceive the collection, they kept returning to La Dama, the iconic Fernando Botero painting of a Colombian woman sitting tall on horseback. Initially inspired by the work’s flat, bold colors, the team then began researching equestrian motifs. They were spellbound by the expert craftsmanship of vintage Colombian saddle-making—a craft that requires equal attention to function and handmade beauty. So why not combine both? By mixing Botero-inspired shades with saddle craftsmanship techniques, the Talabartero collection was born. (Talabartero even translates to “master saddler.”)

The brand tapped master leather artisan Edgar Beltran Jaramillo as a collaborator. Originally trained as an engineer, the Bogotá local switched trades after feeling compelled to work with his hands. His tactile spirit imbues Talabartero’s meticulous details, from the cast-iron buckles on the poufs to the intricate embroidery of the bolsters. And according to Jamarillo, the collection has all the right ingredients. “We saw from the beginning that we share a reverence for Colombian artisanal heritage, a desire to meld tradition with something new, and the willingness to go back to the drawing board as many times as it takes,” says Jamarillo. “Our shared values have made this collection really fun and gratifying.” Expect even more from Talabartero in the future—the team is currently perfecting additional techniques, such as board-formed shapes, that didn’t make it into the first round. 

Talabartero Leather Pouf by l'aviva home
Talabartero Embroidered Leather Bolster Pillow by l'aviva home

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