Lee Broom Reimagines Rémy Martin’s XO Decanter

The award-winning London product designer puts his own spin on the medallion-like bottle with subtle touches that convey the aromatic sensations of enjoying cognac on ice.

Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

One of London’s most celebrated product designers, Lee Broom has long garnered acclaim for his deft use of light and reflections across an award-winning portfolio of fashion-inspired lighting and furniture. His latest feat is no different, putting his own spin on Rémy Martin’s XO decanter—the medallion-like bottle’s first rework since debuting in 1981—with subtle touches that pay homage to the Cognac Fine Champagne House’s long-running original. 

“I wanted to convey the opulence of Rémy Martin XO, but also the experience of serving it on ice, which is a beautiful way to taste cognac,” Broom says. He carved hundreds of fine “starburst” cuts into the indents of the decanter’s solar shape, each symbolizing one of the hundreds of eaux-de-vie within the Rémy Martin XO blend. “The cuts convey a sense of icicles as well as radiance around the circumference of the bottle,” Broom explains, coupling the detail with the array of aromatic flavors revealed when adding a single ice cube. They include plum, mature fig, and candied orange, opening on spicy notes with a hint of cinnamon and freshly crushed hazelnuts and finishing on gourmet notes of roasted cocoa beans, honey, and ginger. Broom’s rework gives us another reason to raise our glass.

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