Ma Yansong Unveil a City of Time and Sand, and Other News

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Ma Yansong and MAD Architects' City of Time installation at the 2024 Aranya Theater Festival. Image courtesy of: DONG Image.

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Ma Yansong unveils a City of Time—and sand— for the 2024 Aranya Theater Festival.

Ma Yansong unveils a City of Time—and sand—for the 2024 Aranya Theater Festival.
Ma Yansong and MAD Architects have revealed their City of Time at the 2024 Aranya Theater Festival in coastal China. The open-air artist hub features circular sand structures and open pathways with a design that encourages exploration and interaction. The temporary city blends art and nature, fostering a collaborative environment among the 300 artists participating in the Migratory Bird 300 public art project, who will live and create in the space for 300 hours.

Panels of falling glass from a nearby high-rise force Tate Modern.

On Sunday night and Monday morning, glass window panels fell to the street from the nearby Neo Bankside development behind Tate Modern. The incidents led to a street closure behind the museum, with reports of shattered glass but no injuries. A witness described their narrow escape from the falling glass in an incident that follows previous disputes between Neo Bankside residents and Tate Modern over privacy concerns related to the museum’s viewing gallery.

Chanel's 2023/24 Métiers d'art Show. Image courtesy of Chanel.

Marina Abramović leads Glastonbury Festival in a seven minute silent protest for peace.

The performance artist led festival attendees in a seven-minute silent protest for peace, in which she urged the crowd to reflect on global conflicts. Abramović initiated the silence with a gong, asking participants to close their eyes and connect with those around them. Despite some background festival noise, the silence contrasted with the usual, boisterous festival atmosphere, with significance and profoundness.

Meta’s “Made with AI” label is disappearing; instead, “AI info” is taking its place.

Social media giant Meta is revising its AI content labels from “Made with AI” to “AI info” to better reflect the nuances of AI involvement in content creation and editing. According to the company, the new label aims to provide users with more context, especially when content includes ‘minor’ AI modifications. The change aligns with industry trends as platforms like TikTok and YouTube also develop their AI detection and labeling systems.

After Tokyo and Rome, Chanel will bring its Métiers d’Art Collection to Hangzhou.

On December 3, Chanel will showcase its Métiers d’Art collection in Hangzhou, a move that emphasizes the maison’s focus on the Chinese market during its creative director transition. This show coincides with the 60th anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations and highlights Hangzhou’s cultural significance, including its famous West Lake, which is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and architecture. Hangzhou will mark the latest stop for the Métiers d’Art line, which has previously been presented in global cities like Tokyo, New York, and Rome.

Raphael Zarka and Jean-Benoît Vétillard's Cycloid Piazza skate park. Image courtesy of Fred Mortagne.

Today’s attractive distractions:

Centre Pompidou unveils a vibrant “PoMo” skate park in time for the Olympics.

Etsy’s sex toy ban sparks an outpouring of support for indie makers.

Adapt or die? Tennis clubs are responding to the rise in pickleball enthusiasts. 

Two massive asteroids passed scarily close to Earth this weekend.


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