Ugh! Mad Lab's New Minis Are Giving Us Cute Aggression

Designed by creative multi-hyphenate Antonio Serrano.

Designed by creative multi-hyphenate Antonio Serrano.

Fine, we’ll admit it: we’re categorically obsessed with teeny-tiny things. Perhaps, then, you can understand the joy we felt when we saw MadLab’s recently released Utopia collection for the first time.

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Designed by creative multi-hyphenate Antonio Serrano, Utopia’s fantastical array of structures bring to mind craftsmanship and the historical architectural forms of their creator’s native Spain. But these objects are not meant to mimic real-life structures. Instead, think of the mini models in a more abstract sense—akin to actors all playing different roles in a theatrical presentation.

Constructed from a combination of gorgeous maple and cedar woods with ebony inlay, the Utopia family is appropriate as vessels or as pure ornament. But based on the intense wave of cute aggression that these objects elicit, we already know we’re going to have a hard time putting ours down. Hi, wooden handfeel!

Utopia by Mad Lab, price upon request;


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