Maison Kitsune's New Creative Director Offers a Day-Glo-Free Take on '90s Nostalgia

Yuni Ahn's Fall 2019 line subtly, smartly channels the look of House Music's golden age.

For Maison Kitsuné, all that’s old is very, very new again. Under creative director Yuni Ahn, the fashion brand is looking to reconnect with its musical roots through its latest collection and campaign titled “House Kitsuné.” Appropriate for a company that is also a major electronic music record label, Kitsuné has turned its view backwards, tapping into the bygone golden age of House Music for Fall 2019. The result is a collection that offers a certain timeless ’90s streetwear look.

To announce its new vision, the label has released a video set in Zuma Beach, California, featuring a fast-paced, tribal-inspired beat. Looking as if they’ve been up all night at underground clubs 30 years ago, a group of models sprint and leap across the dunes, careless to anything but their immediate selves. Their outfits billow in the silent wind, embracing them with neutral tones, strong blacks, sharp whites, and generous silhouettes. It’s all very wearable, very youthful, very buyable, and very French.

A South Korean design veteran with experience at Chloé, Céline, Stella McCartney, MiuMiu, and Paul Smith, the young, multi-talented Ahn has a history of helping direct and renew fashion brands—a perfect match for Kitsuné which, like so many other brands, has to contend with the flood of Gen-Z customers entering the adult market. With “House Kitsuné”—a mix of  Ahn’s vision and the brand’s musical roots—so far, it’s so very, very good.



(Images courtesy of Maison Kitsuné, Photographed by Sam Rock, Styled by Tom Van Dorpe)

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