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Maison Margiela Spills its Guts With See-Through New Future High-Top

The 2019 iteration of the brand's beloved model features an invisible laminated shell.

Image courtesy Neiman Marcus

Out from behind the mysterious cloak that covers the inner workings of Maison Margiela comes something that flaunts what lies inside. For the latest version of the brand’s Future kicks, the house has clad the working of the beloved sneaker with a clear laminated shell, revealing the shoe’s padding, structure, suede upper, and other guts. The result is—like so much of what the brand has done in the past—confrontationally minimalist, intentionally divisive, and honestly smart as hell.

The “New Future” is far from the first time Maison Margiela has toyed with the familiar silhouette of what used to be known as the Future high-top. As noted elsewhere, the 2017 iteration of the shoe saw it run through a shredder. This year offers a similar sort of deconstructionist approach, but with a far more elegant outcome. Per usual for the house, the price is steep and the run is almost certain to be limited (this a collector’s dream, after all). Best get them before they hit the secondary market and while see-through gear is still on the rise.

Maison Margiela Men’s New Future Laminated High-Top Sneakers, $1,190 at Neiman Marcus

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