Check Off Your Holiday Shopping List With Our Picks from the MoMA Design Store

From a Mondrian-inspired vase to textile artist Jo Gordon’s lambswool scarf, the MoMA Design Store is the ultimate resource for elevated gift giving.

With the holiday season in full swing, we scoured the MoMA Design Store’s vast selection of curator-approved design objects. Below, we highlight our favorites for everyone on your gift list. What’s more, a portion of every purchase goes to support the museum’s programs and exhibitions.


Neon Mondri Vase by Frank Kerdil

This updated version of Frank Kerdil’s beloved vase—inspired by Piet Mondrian’s 20th-century angular, abstract masterpieces—is equipped for a variety of floral arrangements thanks to its three acrylic chambers, rendered in a mesmerizing palette of neon blue, yellow, pink, and lavender.

Lightbulb Table Lamp by James Wines

This sharp, pared-down lamp comes from the innovative mind of the 87-year-old award-winning architect and designer James Wines. Having debuted at Milan Design Week 2018, the light fuses a classic incandescent bulb with an LED source, striking a balance between nostalgic form and modern technology—particularly the black lamp, which emits light only from its base.

DOB-kun Figure by Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami’s playful, limited-edition DOB-kun Figure riffs on his iconic 1996 painting, 727, housed in MoMA’s collection. Like all of the famed artist’s work, this colorful bulbous character draws inspiration from his investigation of Japanese kawaii culture and the gleeful synthesis of fine art and pop culture. These limited edition Murakami DOB-kun Figures are sold exclusively at MoMA Design Store.

The Max Bill Form C Chronoscope Quartz Watch by Max Bill

Conceived by polymath designer Max Bill, the Max Bill Form C Chronoscope Quartz Watch is defined by its stylish minimalist face, luminous hands, and sleek stainless steel case—qualities reminiscent of his famed 1957 Junghans Wall Clock in MoMA’s collection.

Lexon Mino Pairable Speakers by Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Italian design duo Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio’s jewel-toned, small-but-mighty Mino speakers are deeply elegant, compact enough to take anywhere, and cost-effective to boot. When paired, they boom with stereo-quality sound.

Wool Circle Scarf by Jo Gordon

Investigations into color, pattern, and tradition inform Scottish textile artist Jo Gordon’s vibrant work, as evidenced in her Wool Circle Scarf, knitted from ethically-sourced ultrasoft lambswool and available exclusively at MoMA.

Modern Women Ornaments Set

Depicting four inimitable women figures—Jane Goodall, Rosie the Riveter, Rosa Parks, and Amelia Earhart—this ornament set, hand-chiseled from Urapán wood on an electric lathe in Colombia, could spangle a holiday tree or just as easily stay up year-round for constant inspiration.

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