Myfawnwy’s Collection For Stella McCartney Blends Nature-Inspired Motifs With a Youthful Essence.

The British Fashion House tapped a trio of rising artists to design the capsule collection Stella Shared 3. Here, we explore New York artist Myfawnwy’s heartwarming personification of nature through the smirking suns and winking flowers adorning a crewneck jumper.

Rooted in euphoric themes of fantasy and club-kid culture, British designer Stella McCartney’s whimsical Stella Shared 3 capsule collection expresses the vision of a trio of next-gen creatives. Memories of youthful smiley face sketches are revived in Myfawnwy‘s hand-marbled prints painted on flowers and stars that decorate this crewneck jumper. Dubbed the Myfawnwy Sweater, the Queens-based artist, whose real name is Maisie Broome, sets her beaming sun against a psychedelic backdrop using a technique called marbling—floating ink on a buoyant liquid surface to draw. The cheery designs serve as a reminder of our shared connection to nature and each other.

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