O.N.S's Grey Label—Adaptable Across Cultures and Continents—Gives Travelwear a Fresh New Look

Designed for the "modern nomad," O.N.S Clothing's Grey Label is a wardrobe made for movement.

Designed for the "modern nomad," O.N.S Clothing's Grey Label is a wardrobe made for movement.

The Grey Label, a new release from O.N.S Clothing, offers globally inspired and adaptable pieces for the closet of the modern creative class.

With packable features, breathable fabrics, and stylish details, the collection gives those who opt for Grey Label (designed with travel in mind) the ability to race through city streets or board a plane with ease—while turning heads in the process.

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The Grey Label is chock full of must-have basics, all of which were conceptualized to have elements of both functionality and comfort.

Take the Vandam Packable Coat, for example. Inspired by Japanese menswear, its sleek silhouette can elevate any look altogether. And to top it all off, the ubiquitously stylish yet thoughtfully tailored coat can be folded into a compact pouch—perfect for those on the go.

O.N.S Clothing, the NYC–based menswear brand responsible for bringing the Grey Label to life, utilizes multicultural references and urban sensibilities to make a line of not-so-basic basics. Grey Label, with an emphasis on wrinkle-resistant fabrics, dolman sleeves (for comfort), and layerable pieces, marks a new imprint in O.N.S’s portfolio. (Just look to the very name of the new line—which uses the British spelling “grey”—as a hint that they are shifting to a more worldly perspective.)

So long as O.N.S continues to serve up fresh ‘fit options rooted in thoughtful consumption and utilization, we’ll be sticking along for the ride.


(Photos: Courtesy O.N.S Clothing)



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