Opening Shot

A Maximalist Sanctuary Debuts in the City of Light

With Swedish designer Martin Brudnizki behind the aesthetic wheel and renowned chef Dominique Crenn as the tentpole culinary offering, La Fantaisie is the latest boutique hotel to plant a flag in Paris's Faubourg-Montmartre neighborhood.

Location: Paris
Designer: Martin Brudnizki

On Offer: Paris’s historic Faubourg-Montmartre neighborhood has seen a boutique hotel renaissance in recent years with the opening of the Walled Off Hotel (a recreation of Banksy’s art-driven property in Israel) and the stylish art deco Monsieur Cadet. Now comes La Fantaisie, a whimsical gem that stands as a tribute to its location on Rue Cadet, named for the master 16th-century gardeners Jacques and Jean Cadet.

The interiors, crafted by celebrated Swedish designer Martin Brudnizki, offer a serene escape from the city’s pulsating energy. Each of the 63 rooms and 10 suites captures the essence of nature, adorned with a delicate palette of soft greens, warm yellows, and hints of coral. Floral wallpapers, lavish headboards, and ornate details offer up signature Brudnizki maximalism packaged in a serene wrapping. (The minibar’s high-vibe holistic health treats amplify that feeling with Cosmic Dealer’s vegan chocolate, ayurvedic tongue cleaners, être’s CBD tinctures, and L’Officine Botanique’s sleep elixir).

Standout Features: Marking her triumphant return to Paris, renowned chef Dominique Crenn’s zero-waste restaurant, Golden Poppy, showcases her California spirit with dishes like banana pancakes with caviar and line-caught sea bass ceviche. But plan ahead: The 9th arrondissement’s discerning epicureans have already set up shop at the rooftop bar and clamor for a spot at the sun-drenched brasserie for breakfast come morning.

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