Opening Shot

London’s Pavyllon Proves its Prowess with a Michelin Star

Less than a year after opening, chef Yannick Alléno's modern French concept at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane solidifies its early hype.

All photos by Alleno Chahan.

On Offer: Since Pavyllon made its grand arrival at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane this past summer, celebrated chef Yannick Alléno has wowed the fine dining cognoscenti with his precision and creativity. Reinterpreting classical French cuisine with artistic flair, Alléno has again shown why he has 15 Michelin stars to his name. Make that 16 now after the 2024 Great Britain & Ireland Guide’s recently awarded Pavyllon one star, making Alléno the second most decorated living chef.

Standout Features: The restaurant’s design by Chahan Minassian complements Alléno’s culinary artistry, featuring chic Parisian apartment aesthetics with soothing powder blue tones and elegant textures, centered around a live kitchen. There, Alléno’s ‘extraction’ technique shines, capturing the purest flavors with methods like vacuum cooking and cryo-concentration. Runny egg yolk ravioli, crispy curry tartlet with scallop carpaccio, pan-fried langoustines with curry mayonnaise and herb salad—it’s hard to make a wrong turn on the menu. We suggest leveling up with the namesake tasting menu, the best way to taste Alléno’s full array.

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