Tabitha Soren’s Seven Greatest MTV Interviews

Hilarious and insightful videos from the accomplished photographer’s previous life as a correspondent for MTV News.

Throughout the 1990s, before she began her career as a photographer, Tabitha Soren was a legendary on-air reporter for MTV News. On the occasion of the release of her second monograph, Fantasy Life, we decided to look back at her life in front of the camera. 

During an interview with Mariah Carey, Soren becomes annoyed with a meddlesome publicist.

Future FLOTUS Hillary Clinton during the U.S. presidential campaign of 1992.

Tupac Shakur the year before he was killed.

U.S. presidential candiates Ross Perot and Ralph Nader during the 1996 campaign.

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses in 1992.

Members of Soundgarden in 1994.

Members of Kiss announce a full-makeup reunion in 1996.


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