Phillips' "Time For Design"

The auction features limited edition products, sold to benefit the London museum.
Unique Bog Oak Table by Terence Conran

While the legs of this table are silverplated steel and were make in 2016 by Benchmark, the top is solid oak salvage from a bog in Norfolk, U.K. The wood has been carbon dated and is appximately 4,200 years old.
Lot 339A. Estimate: £20,000-30,000
Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick

Made of solid polished copper with leather accents, this Spun Chair is number 19 of the 35-piece edition. Design Museum founder Terence Conran has been a patron of Heatherwick's since he was just a design student.
Lot 316. Estimate: £20,000-30,000
Unique Superloon Lamp by Jasper Morrison for Flos

The lamp stands over 6.5 feet tall and is made by Flos in Bovezzo, Italy. This unique edition of one is gold gilt plated aluminum, a departure from the usual silver-toned models.
Lot 337. Estimate: £7,000-9,000
Primitive Table by Studio Nucelo

Piergiorgio Robino and Stefania Fersini created this long table in 2009 from a combination of cardboard, fibreglass, and polyester resin. This is the artist's proof for a one-piece production.
Lot 315. Estimate: £30,000-50,000
Tea and Coffee Service by Marc Newson for Georg Jensen

The traditional tea and coffee service comprises a teapot, coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and tray, in silver, rattan, and maple wood. Newson's work has been exhibited at the Design Museum multiple times dating back to 2000.
Lot 313. Estimate: £70,000-90,000
Cabbage Chair by Nendo

Of the 40 Cabbage Chairs produced, only 10 were made in this all-black colorway (there are also 16 white and 14 mixed chairs). This chair was first exhibited in 2009 at Friedman Benda in New York.
Lot 318. Estimate: £10,000-15,000
London Papardelle Chair by Ron Arad

This stainless steel chair was made in London by One Off Ltd. in 1992 and is one of only eight produced (five numbered production pieces and three artist's proofs). This chair is number one of five.
Lot 307. Estimate: £70,000-90,000
Unique iPad Pro, Smart Cover, and Pencil by Apple Inc.

Instead of the usual muted shades, this iPad and its accessories are rendered in bright primary colors that you can't find at the Apple Store. The back of the iPad is engraved with "Edition 1 of 1."
Lot 303. Estimate: £10,000-15,000
Bianco Covelano Low Tables by Zaha Hadid

This trio of tables by Zaha Hadid date to 2013 and recall some of her most famous buildings. Furthering the story, The Zaha Hadid Foundation is taking over the Design Museum's current Shad Thames building in London.
Lot 309. Estimate: £80,000-120,000

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