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Sawyer & Co. Imbues a Hotel with a Spirit Befitting the Home of the Blues

The 174-room Canopy Hilton Memphis aptly nods to the city's tradition of music studios, barbecue, and, yes, bourbon.

Sawyer & Co. has a knack for cultivating a sense of place. Case in point: The New York City-based design studio’s recently completed 174-room Canopy Hilton Memphis. Located downtown, the project aptly nods to the traditions of music, barbecue, and, yes, bourbon in the Home of the Blues.

“The property opens with palettes, textures, and design details that are driven from notions of Memphis’s lively music culture, including the nearby Beale Street and local cuisine,” the Sawyer & Co. team states. “Radio stations, musical instruments, and musicians are layered with smoke lingering beneath bright stage lights from Memphis’s signature barbecue, then conceptually layered again with the taste of bourbon.”

For the 174 guest rooms, the design studio looked to a different source of local inspiration: the creative wonderland of recording studios. “The guest rooms are inspired by the story of local guitar musicians woven with the staging of a recording studio and musical instruments. Details and finishes on the furniture are those found in a recording studio, furnished with overlay area rugs in cream and charcoal, blackened steel accents, and a woven cane headboard.”

Take a tour of the property below.

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