A Ralph Steadman Retrospective Is in the Works, and Other News

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“Fear and Loathing in Elko for Rolling Stone Magazine” (1991) by Ralph Steadman. Image courtesy of Ralph Steadman

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A retrospective of Ralph Steadman’s art will tour universities across the United States.

Ralph Steadman, perhaps best known for illustrating Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, is inviting his fans into the “Steadmanverse” through a Discord server. The octogenarian’s work, from collaborations with Harley-Davidson to dorm room posters, has endured in popularity over the years, leading to a major career retrospective across U.S. universities starting later this year and through 2027. His art, which often challenges societal norms, will be showcased alongside personal artifacts, promising to engage both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

A group of architects are calling for a boycott of Columbia University following protests.

A group of architecture and design professionals and academics have initiated a boycott against Columbia University, specifically targeting the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, in response to the university’s handling of student protests against the war in Gaza. The boycott, organized under the banner Architects and Planners Against Apartheid, escalated after Columbia called in police to disband encampments and clear demonstrators from campus buildings, resulting in numerous arrests. The petition, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and criticizes the university’s perceived excessive force, has garnered significant support within the academic community, including from many Columbia faculty.

Renderings of new buildings by Gensler and KPF for Water Street Tampa. Image courtesy of Strategic Property Partners

Gensler and KPF reveal visuals for three new mixed-use buildings at Water Street Tampa.

Construction on Water Street Tampa, a $3 billion, 56-acre development in Tampa Bay, Florida, wrapped up this past October with ten new buildings from notable architects like Elkus Manfredi and COOKFOX. Gensler and KPF recently unveiled renderings for the project’s next phase, which includes three buildings featuring extensive balconies and modern touches, aimed at enhancing the neighborhood’s mixed-use program. This phase introduces a towering residential building by Gensler, a red office building by KPF, and a vibrant entertainment center.

Lesley Lokko receives the 2024 Riba Royal Gold Medal at a recent ceremony in London.

Lesley Lokko was awarded the 2024 RIBA Royal Gold Medal for Architecture at a ceremony in London, recognizing her leadership in the 2023 Venice Biennale and her efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in architecture. RIBA President Muyiwa Oki hailed Lokko as an agent of change, emphasizing her role in advancing equitable approaches to architecture. Lokko, the first Black woman to receive the honor, has been recognized for her contributions to architecture, education, and public dialogue, further exemplified by her founding of the African Futures Institute and her role in initiatives like the New Architecture Writers program in London.

A little-known mural that Keith Haring made for an Iowa school goes on public display.

In 1989, after years of correspondence and connecting with students at Ernest Horn Elementary School in Iowa City, Keith Haring returned to gift the school a mural inspired by their interactions. The mural, which has been preserved despite being on a wall slated for demolition, was meticulously conserved and is currently featured in an exhibition at the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art, highlighting Haring’s dedication to community engagement through art. 

Image courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

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