Reebok Launches Its Flexweave Technology

Joe Doucet, Odd Matter, and Modla augment sports performance with the durable, lightweight material.

(FROM LEFT) Glove by Joe Doucet, chair by Odd Matter, training mask by Modla. (Photo: Courtesy Reebok)

Reebok’s new Flexweave technology may be its cleverest invention to date. Rather than develop an entirely new fiber, the brand figured out how a simple figure-8 construction can unlock the maximum strength of any that already exists, natural or synthetic. Ahead of Flexweave’s debut in footwear this March, Reebok gave three designers the opportunity to play with the material. London-based design firm Modla developed a fitted mask for high altitude training. Georgi Manassiev and Els Woldhek of Odd Matter used it in a chair to support seated workouts. Joe Doucet augmented a Flexweave glove with GPS technology that prompts runners to follow their route by vibrations and flashing lights. The optic cues permeate the glove and illuminate the hand,” Doucet says of the material’s contributions to the overall look and function of the accessory. Though Flexweave’s durable, innovative structure is certain to turn up in Reebok’s next generation of groundbreaking activewear, the simple technology remains a marvel all its own.

Learn more about the project by watching the campaign produced by Reebok, below.

(Video: Courtesy Reebok)

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