Crafted With Jet-Setting in Mind, Salle Priveé's SS19 Collection Is Anything but Passé

Made in Italy, from the finest textiles.

Made in Italy, from the finest textiles.

The archetypal menswear bubble has, with the advent of increased fluidity and subsequent gender-bending clothing, burst.

The movement that popularized a paradigm shift (immortalized by Fuck Yeah Menswear, the monograph published in 2012) in the ways men present themselves has evolved past the hyper-binary aesthetic—and that shift is for the better, no matter how you identify.

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Replacing it is a more relaxed approach that encourages day-to-night styles. The result: A directional wardrobe—one that encourages mixing and matching items—that lends itself to tastefully nuanced outfits imbued with continuity. After all, style, in its essence, is repetition.

Salle Privée—a Dutch menswear label crafted in Italy—has taken this shift in full stride. Focusing on tailoring, textiles, and tried-and-true styles, Salle Privée celebrates the interchangeable wardrobe with classic silhouettes. This is by design: The label, crafted with jet-setting in mind, is for those who crave a nondescript aesthetic—one that’s seasonless and never over-stylized.


However, even with seasonless dressing as a goal, weather patterns—and, from a broader standpoint, climate changedo discriminate. That’s why Salle Privée, for its spring/summer 2019 collection, is incorporating materials such as poplin and linen in addition to more short-sleeved styles.

Brimming with thoughtful, timeless designs, Salle Privée’s SS19 release is anything but passé.


(Photos: Courtesy Salle Privée)

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