The Sheats-Goldstein Residence Is Becoming an Entertainment Hub, and Other News

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The Sheats-Goldstein Residence. Photography by Joe Fletcher

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Work is underway to expand the Sheats-Goldstein Residence into an entertainment hub. 

The Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles, famed for its mid-century architecture and cultural impact, has undergone multiple expansions and enhancements since architect John Lautner’s collaboration with the Sheats family in 1962. Current owner James Goldstein, supported by Conner + Perry Architects since 2015, is continuing to develop the property, including the recent addition of the Goldstein Entertainment Complex featuring a nightclub, movie screening room, and guest house. Reflecting Lautner’s organic architecture principles, the complex integrates seamlessly with the original residence and includes amenities like a VIP lounge, terrace with city views, and elements such as a frameless glass infinity tennis court.

In a new TV series, Julianne Moore stars as the restorer who fixed up the Salvator Mundi.

A new TV series will chronicle the tumultuous saga of Salvator Mundi, the controversial painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and sold for a record $450.3 million at Christie’s in 2017. Julianne Moore will portray Dianne Modestini, the conservator pivotal in its authentication, following her role in the 2021 documentary The Lost Leonardo. Directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficara, the series delves into the painting’s history from its humble purchase for $1,500 to its sale amidst legal disputes involving prominent figures in the art world.

Rendering of the “Passage of Time Pavilion” at the Longleaf Art Park. Image courtesy of OLI Architecture

A Florida hedge-fund manager is building a verdant art park for a Richard Serra work.

Hedge-fund manager Bruce Berkowitz is developing Longleaf Art Park in northwestern Florida, centered around Richard Serra’s monumental sculpture, Passage of Time (2014), spanning 217 feet. The park, overseen by the Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation and managed by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, will feature amenities like a pavilion by OLI Architecture and outdoor event spaces on 15.5 acres. Scheduled for completion in 2026, the park aims to enhance cultural accessibility in the region, contrasting with Berkowitz’s abandoned Miami museum plans due to local regulatory challenges and subsequent cancellation in early 2021.

At $210 million, a Malibu mansion breaks the record for California’s priciest home sale.

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s record for the priciest California home purchase was surpassed with the recent $210 million sale of a Malibu mansion, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Previously owned by James Jannard, founder of Oakley, the estate spans 9.5 acres with 300 feet of ocean frontage, designed by Ferguson & Shamamian Architecture in a Palladian style. Featuring over 15,000 square feet, the home includes eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, with interiors by Michael S. Smith. Despite this record, other high-priced homes like Casa Encantada in Bel Air remain on the market, initially listed for $250 million and now reduced to $195 million.

To reduce waste, Amazon is phasing out plastic air pillows for recycled paper fillers.

Amazon is phasing out plastic air pillows in North America with recycled paper fillers, citing environmental benefits and improved functionality. By the end of this year, the e-commerce juggernaut aims to completely replace plastic with paper in packaging across the region, removing nearly 15 billion plastic air pillows annually. Despite praise for this significant reduction effort, environmental groups like Oceana are urging Amazon to expand these initiatives further and prioritize innovations in reusable packaging to minimize single-use plastics globally.

A spread from “Kiosk: The Last Modernist Booths Across Central and Eastern Europe.” Image courtesy of Zupagrafika

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