Shihara's 3-D Jewelry Collection Is Geometric Perfection

Minimal yet bold—and intrinsically architectural.

Minimal yet bold—and intrinsically architectural.

What do the famed Froebel blocks and fine jewelry have in common? Frankly, not much—but Shihara’s 3-D collection splits the difference with an array of minimal, elegant geometric studs that meld elements of both.

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With a range of options—both in size and degree of diamond encrusted shapes—this collection of cubes and prisms, available in either 18-karat yellow or white gold, is at once subtle and stately.

Designed by Tokyo-based jeweler Yuta Ishihara, Shihara’s 3-D collection—just one of the 24 the label boasts—allows for unintimidating and playful experimentation.

The 3-D collections solid gold, non-sparkly wares provide the perfect opportunity to wade into accessory peacocking. But for the brave, seasoned statement-makers, we suggest opting for the shapes encrusted with diamonds—they are, after all, a girls best friend!

Come to think of it, if all our geometry courses had been this chic, we would have had a much easier time paying attention …

Shihara 3-D Collection, starting at $345;



(Photos: Courtesy Shihara)

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