Statement-Making Interior Wallpaper for Every Style

Culled from the latest wallcoverings, these artful designs have us pining for more wall space.

To confront a long-time fear of swimming at night, designer Brett Beldock convinced herself to take a late-night dip. The moody tones in her Underwater wallpaper re-create the experience.

Calico Wallpaper teamed up with Faye Toogood to create Woodlands, part of a series that showcases the designer’s training in fine art. Each began as a panoramic painting, which was carefully translated onto a linen substrate.


Handmade in Callidus Guild’s Brooklyn studio, this Pemia-Iridi wallpaper is embedded with mother-of-pearl to add iridescence and depth.


The College Stripe pattern from Cole & Son is available in three colorways, including this minty hue. Each is marked by slim, imperfect metallic lines.


Full of energy and movement, the geometric pattern of Dedar’s Concorde vinyl wall-covering is coated in beeswax, creating a faint patina that mutes its colors.


Designtex’s Ludlow wallpaper is named for the street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side—the pattern’s distressed background references the stone and concrete used in the neighborhood’s buildings.


Eskayel’s Nocturne Collection features five distinct patterns informed by the cosmos, including star formations, galaxies, and the midnight sky. Each trippy pattern is printed on matte paper with water-based ink.


FBC London

Originally developed by FBC London for its Beythorne furniture range, the distinctive texture of its Silky Oak finish is now available as custom wall panelling.


Flat Vernacular’s spray paint–esque Dondi colorway is part of its aptly-named collection The Heavens, where each pattern is digitally printed onto clay paper using latex-based ink.


Brooklyn designer Katie Stout translated her signature females onto this cheeky Girl wallpaper. Manufactured by Flavor Paper, the print debuted in a recent exhibition at New York’s R & Company, where it made the gallery’s walls pop.


Hermès teamed up with Parisian artist Gianpaolo Pagni to create its Mille Jeux wallpaper, where bold, primary-colored geometries are scattered across a striped background.


Named for the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this hand-printed Pavlova pattern from Portland, Oregon-based Juju Papers features svelte, expressive curves and arcs evocative of the dancer herself.


Maharam’s Ito wallpaper is based on a series of photographs taken by Miranda Lichtenstein during a residency in Japan. She used a 4×5 camera to create patches of distortion, doubling, and focus within a single plane.


Informed by his travels to Japan, Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek’s Timber Strips wallpaper for NLXL features a non-repeating, faux-wood chevron pattern.


Printed on hand-woven raffia, Pierre Frey’s Bonsai pattern was informed by the gardens and bonsai stands in Ōmiya, a ward in Saitama, Japan.


Hand-painted on non-woven paper, Sarkos’s Rose Vounó wallpaper features a matte background speckled with gilded metal leaf drops that seem to glisten as you move around it.


Part of Texturae’s Warp collection, the Stage I wallpaper is based on a painting by Korean artist Eun Mo Chung, whose elegant, abstract work explores space with understated color and light.


Designed by George Venson for his brilliant print-happy wallpaper line, Voutsa, Tahitia Grasscloth features a hand-painted pattern of towering leaves.


Nathalie du Pasquier and George Sowden, both founding members of the Memphis Group, reinterpreted the movement in this mind-bending CoopDPS Milano pattern for Zig Zag Zurich.


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