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Suite NY’s Handpicked Furnishings Challenge Convention

With three new collections from Sweden and Germany in tow, the venerable New York City showroom doubles down on its commitment to sustainable design.

Kvilt Sofa by Nina Jobs. Photography by Keith Greenbaum

Maria Sepulveda named Suite NY, the ascendant New York City furniture showroom, after the moment of surprise when one enters a suite—be it a hotel room, apartment, or executive room. Founded in 2006 by Sepulveda and her best friend, the showroom now plays host to a refined selection of American and European furniture and lighting in a pristine NoMad space where every object has its own story, beginning with the moment when the band’s creative talents encountered each one.

The founders originally conceived of Suite NY as a destination for architects and designers to become inspired by uncommon Scandinavian, German, and Italian collections. “Throughout the years of constant change, we haven’t steered away from our original mission, and maintain our sharp focus on design integrity,” Sepulveda says. More than a decade later, with the introduction of three collections—Källemo, Zeitraum, and Gärsnäs—the Manhattan showroom still values modern furniture brands that carry long-established design histories and workmanship that stands the test of time.

Madonna Chair by Gärsnäs
Dandy Chair by Gärsnäs

When seeking out collections, Nick Taricco, the managing director, focuses on sustainability vis-à-vis manufacturing and materials. “The German brand, Zeitraum, has made this a core principle throughout their entire manufacturing process and were recently awarded with the German Sustainability Award Design 2021,” he says. Gärsnäs and Källemo share that commitment, too. “Both being Swedish brands, they see the forest as a sanctuary and a source of inspiration, working with local suppliers and craftspeople to lower their carbon footprint.

Though the family-owned Swedish furniture maker Gärsnäs has been in business since 1893, their offerings couldn’t feel more contemporary—the only clue to their legacy is their craftsmanship honed for more than a century. “We spotted an elegant chair at imm Cologne, The Madonna by David Ericsson (actually named after the pop star), and I saw how its use of beech wood was the core material of the brand’s offerings,” Chris Kraig, creative director, says, noting that the brand’s Dandy Armchair by Pierre Sindre could be considered a modern classic. The homegrown designer derived its form from a traditional wingback chair, “with a nod to the ever-cool Steve McQueen.” Another standout is Tore Ahlsén’s Pia Chair —first designed in the 1940s, “its figurative white wire frame, oiled oak seat, and armrests have a playfulness and a surreal quality.”

Concrete Chair by Källemo

Situated in Värnamo in Sweden’s southern Småland region, Källemo was originally founded in 1947. Kraig gravitates toward the furniture purveyor’s “industrial edge,” noting that one of his favorites, the recognizable Concrete chair, was designed in 1981 by Jonas Bohlin as a limited-edition piece made of cast concrete and raw steel. Now offered in wood, “it remains a catalyst off the infamous Postmodern debate between form and function.” The Ambassad and Bruno chairs by Mats Theselius uphold this philosophy too, “unfolding from the subconscious of Postmodernism, a design departure that lies at the heart of Källemo as a brand.” 

Our relationship with Zeitraum goes back to the beginning of Suite NY. We met Zeitraum in Belgium in 2006,” Sepulveda says. This design/manufacturer based in Bavaria has been on the forefront of sustainable design since its inception, sourcing hardwoods and manufacturing in an eco-friendly manner.”

Fashioned from solid wood, Formstelle’s Turntable Oval demonstrates the major progress designers have made in engineering. Before modern manufacturing, large solid wood pieces couldn’t be made without warping or splitting. “With its monolithic cantilevered wood tabletop, the table stands as a metaphor for that feat of engineering.” 

Each collection by Källemo, Zeitraum, and Gärsnäs has its own unique character,” Sepulveda says. “Each has a different point of view that’ll appeal to different aesthetics, and yet we’re able to present them together. The different qualities add excitement and challenge the conventional design ethos.” 

Ambassad by Källemo
Turntable Oval by Zeitraum

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