#artificial-intelligence Stories

Will Your Next Sofa Fit Into an Envelope?

Ikea’s design lab leaned on generative AI to devise a flat-packed sofa that fits snugly in a...

Meet the World’s First AI-Powered Designer

At Milan Design Week, Studio Snoop debuted Tilly Talbot—what the Australian firm is billing as...

M3gan, a Style Icon and Cautionary Tale

An overnight pop culture phenomenon, the murderous doll’s meticulously constructed wardrobe and...

Who’s the Better Curator: Man or Machine?

As debates about AI’s potential impact on the creative industries rage on, a new exhibition...

ChatGPT Speaks on Disruption and the Future

As wariness about AI’s impact on creative work is sure to intensify this year with mainstream...

Holly Herndon Is Making Music With an AI Baby

The acclaimed musician has devised a novel tool that allows her to create an AI-generated deepfake...

What Will Image Generators Mean for the Creative Industries?

Though some are raising concerns about new AI systems like the viral DALL-E, the technology has the

An Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach Allows Visitors to Mint Their Own NFT 

Artist Mario Klingemann’s AI-controlled, generative art installation stars in the digital art...

Next Frontier
An Art Exhibition That Questions What It Means to Be Human

“Uncanny Valley,” on view at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, examines how artificial...

A.I. Is About to Erase the World As We Know It

Surface Media’s CEO on the frictionless future.

Predicting the Future at A/D/O

At Brooklyn’s A/D/O, a recent conference focused on utopian (and dystopian) design.