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A Lively Opening Night at Jack Shainman’s Downtown Gallery

On Jan. 12, gallerist Jack Shainman hosted well-wishers at the opening celebration for his newest...

These Artist-Made Digital Monuments Center Black History and Culture

Leveraging the same augmented reality technology that powers Pokémon Go, the Kinfolk Foundation is

Hank Willis Thomas Speaks on the Work That Remains

The artist and For Freedoms co-founder was recently presented with the 2023 Medal of Arts award by...

Hip Hop’s Victory Lap Around the Art World Peaks in Baltimore

With “The Culture: Hip Hop & Contemporary Art in the 21st Century,” the Baltimore Museum of Art

A Monument to Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Divides Critics

Hank Willis Thomas and MASS Design Group’s tribute is drawing mixed reviews—including...

For Freedoms Keeps the Iranian Fight for Liberation in Plain Sight

The artist collective (and super PAC) reimagines television news—and billboard advertising—in...

The National Arts Awards Honors Creative Thinkers Spurring Social Change

On Oct. 17, Americans for the Arts presented the annual National Arts Awards at Guastavino’s in...

Should the U.S. Create a National Memorial for Gun Violence?

Though memorials are underway to honor victims of the Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas shootings,...

A Memorial to Victims of Gun Violence, Told Through Their Keepsakes

At the National Building Museum, Hank Willis Thomas and Mass Design Group conceive a house-like...

Honorees Abound at the 13th Annual Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner and Auction

The power of Parks’s photography as an artform was the inspiration on the Foundation’s biggest...

Jenny Holzer Teams Up with March For Our Lives to Get Out the Vote

The artist's mobile installation traversed L.A. displaying a rotating montage of political...

Best of 2016
The Last Word: Memorable Quotes From 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we’ve selected a few of the most memorable quotes that ran in...

Studio Visit
Hank Willis Thomas Would Consider Running for Office

In the lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the New York-based artist and super PAC...

Power List
Jack Shainman

The seasoned Chelsea art dealer talks super PACs, Hank Willis Thomas, and his love affair with his...

Event Recap: Surface + Phillips, The Exchange Edition II

Talking identity politics, dangerous art, and the social obligations of museums with Hank Willis...