#holly-hunt Stories

In Assemblage’s Handmade Wallcoverings, an Artful Ode to Nature

A dedication to handicraft unites the wallpaper studio and Holly Hunt, which brings Euclid,...

What’s New This Fall, From Our List Members

An art gallery at the Tin Building built by Cass Calder Smith, Holly Hunt's 40th anniversary...

What’s New This May, From Our List Members

A rare cask from Louis XIII, Moss & Lam’s whimsical decor for Holly Hunt, Miami Design...

Project Spotlight
Holly Hunt Builds Two Villas Inside Its Sprawling New L.A. Showroom

Why settle for one showroom when you can have two? With some help from local firm Johnston Marklee,

New & Notable
What’s New This January, From Our List Members

A 'Drop' of World-Class Cognac from Louis XIII, Flavor Paper’s Collaboration with Duke Riley,...

Studio Visit
Holly Hunt’s Hands-On Approach

The self-described “editor-in-chief” discusses how she’s able to oversee every detail of her...