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Surface and Dorsia Merge Cultures, Work Needs With ROOM Booths

Nailing hybrid workplace design is one thing, but achieving it for two companies sharing an office...

What Should the Post-Pandemic Office Look Like?

As the pandemic wanes and companies mull returning to five-day-a-week policies, employers are...

Project Spotlight
Tend’s Design-First Approach Makes Dentistry (Nearly) Phobia-Free

Soft pastel hues, Beats headphones playing soothing nature documentaries, artsy brush-and-selfie...

In Severance, the Workplace Comedy Gets a Dystopian Makeover

The hit Apple+ series explores the search for tech solutions to work-life balance, set in an...

Project Spotlight
Detroit Firm Pophouse Infuses a 21st-Century Workplace with 1960s Style

The Mad Men-inspired office for Rocket Mortgage's marketing division flaunts a rich material...

Project Spotlight
Studio Plow Brings Faire’s Digital Identity to Life at its New Headquarters in San Francisco 

A light-filled commissary, Parisian–style bistro, and retail shop showcasing products from...

Why Good Design and Empathy Are Key to Resuming Office Life Again

More Americans would rather quit their job or take a small pay cut than return to the office. For...

The Best New Coworking Spaces of 2019

From the Chicago to Brussels, designers have injected new ideas into what is now one of the...

Schiller Projects Creates a Law Office You Might Actually Want to Visit

Their stunning design for Boies Schiller Flexner is dramatic, yet welcoming.

The Future of the Work Place

We asked 13 designers show us the future of the office. We got a reimagining of what it means to...

Rapt Studio’s Latest Commercial Project Was Built From the Bones of Its Prior Occupant’s Space

"We exploited everything that was there, even to the degree of building new things out of some of...