#philip-johnson Stories

The Brick House, Philip Johnson’s Louche Private Lair, Finally Opens

After decades of being closed to the public, the Glass House’s brick counterpart opens its doors...

A Philip Johnson House Is Reborn as an Inclusive Cultural Space

After restoring a Philip Johnson residence in Newburgh, New York, a duo of creative directors is...

Architects Ask MoMA to Remove Philip Johnson’s Name Over Fascist Ties

The architect's problematic political inclinations are well-documented: he personally translated...

Philippe Petit Performs at the 70th Anniversary of Philip Johnson’s Glass House

On June 8, guests gathered in New Canaan, CT, to celebrate the 70th birthday of Philip Johnson's...

Thom Browne’s Steady Hand

The award-winning fashion designer Thom Browne revels in consistency in an industry that expects...

Design Dispatch: April 25, 2017

Our daily take on the world through the lens of design.

Pittsburgh’s Self-Driven Renaissance

The city lost steam as industry declined in the 1970s, but newfound interest from the tech world is