The Malin Brings Its Winning Formula to Williamsburg

After making a splash in SoHo this past year, the creative-minded coworking space heads across the East River to The William Vale.

The Malin Williamsburg. All photography by Lesley Unruh

Ciaran McGuigan spent most of the early pandemic dreaming of his ideal co-working space: “It would have to be in an exciting neighborhood, with zones that promoted different modes of working, and with a design that was comfortable and inviting, yet elevated.” After teaming up with Charlie Robinson and consulting with executives from Soho House, he soon pulled back the curtain on The Malin, which brought his vision to life in a high-ceilinged loft in SoHo, Manhattan. It proved to be a winning formula—The Malin became so popular that McGuigan expanded its footprint across the East River in bustling Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Taking over the ninth floor of The William Vale, the co-working venture’s next step abounds with thoughtful touches and amenities for creative professionals. “Our vision remains consistent, to bring beautiful workspaces closer to people’s homes,” says McGuigan, who focused on crafting “diverse zones to promote all types of work” while maintaining an intimate scale. Among those are solid wood desks, a silent library outfitted with lush foliage and a sumptuous sofa upholstered in a chartreuse velvet, and soundproof Room booths for video conferencing. The building’s distinctive shell lends playful concrete slants and giant windows that provide a Vitamin D fix during the day and a romantic glow come sunset, making The Malin one of the city’s most scenic spots to get things done.

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