Runway Redux

Ethereal Femininity and Unapologetic Boldness: Tia Adeola Returns to New York

It’s reductive to center the conversation about Tìa Adeola’s designs around “sexiness.” The designer’s sheer, cascading lace gowns and micro-mini party dresses are an ode to the woman she designs for—one who is sure of who she is, the autonomy she wields, and refuses to be constrained by others’ perceptions of propriety. Inspired by having shown her last resort collection in Nigeria amid the country’s no-nudity rules, the designer played with the notion of conservatism this time around.

The designer (right) takes a finale walk down the runway with a model.

Name: Tia Adeola

Instagram: @tiaadeola

Describe this collection in three words:

Radical, conservative, bold.

A runway look paired with the concept sketches that inspired it.

Which look is your favorite?

I can never choose. It’s not fair to all the other pieces, they all mean a lot to me. 

Then what was your overall inspiration for the pieces in this collection?

Playing with the constant discourse surrounding the “sexiness” of my clothing.

Attending any fun parties or events this year?

My [after-party]. We had Ice Spice perform and she wore the new collection!

Why did you choose to show in New York instead of another fashion week? 

When I moved here in 2016 the city welcomed with open arms. It gave me the confidence to create and design. 

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