A Gallerist Remakes Oatmeal as the Sexiest New Food

Liz Works and the Campana brothers have teamed up to revolutionize the hearty breakfast grain.

The cast-bronze Lizbowl (Photo: Fernando Laszlo)

Is oatmeal the new kale? Manhattan gallerist Liz Swig and designers Fernando and Humberto Campana think so. Their new pop-up restaurant recasts the dish as “the next cool, sexy, nutritionally sound, super-fun food experience,” Swig says. Time for Oatmeal’s seven-item menu—including the happy-hour friendly “Swipe Right” (toasted coconut, nutritional yeast, Korean chili flake) and pre/post workout “Burn Baby Burn” (Cordyceps mushroom, goat milk powder, sesame brittle)—will debut at a Campana-designed booth at Design Miami this December alongside the brothers’ limited-edition terra-cotta and cast-bronze bowls. Then, in April, they’ll bring the project to the annual furniture fair Salone del Mobile and, should oatmeal fever catch, the world beyond.

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