Fountain, a public water-dispensing machine, created for Sodastream.

Designer of the Day: Todd Bracher

The American designer discusses the search for truth, helping brands grow, and how he's rethinking the office chair.

The American designer discusses the search for truth, helping brands grow, and how he's rethinking the office chair.

Every day we ask a designer to take a selfie and give us an inside look at their lives.

Age: 42

Occupation: Creative director and strategic designer

Hometown: New York

Studio location: New York

Describe what you make: I try to develop expert-based design solutions—product or strategy—that are not based on opinion. The results are about truth and aligning a company’s brand DNA with market opportunities that create a meaningful impact for their customers.

The most important thing you’ve designed to date: What is most important to me is that we have positively impacted businesses and their relevance in contemporary culture. Our most significant work has been around multiple brand strategies that have helped redefine a respective business’s ability to compete in today’s global market.

The problem your work solves: We support business growth through product design and strategy, aligning customer needs with our clients’s business objectives.

What you are working on now: We work on a wide rage of projects—from strategic brand positioning and biological lighting that tunes your circadian rhythm, to performance and well-being solutions that will reshape the future of the workplace.

Fountain, a public water-dispensing machine, created for Sodastream.

A new or forthcoming project we should know about: Next summer, we will present a significant advancement in rethinking the office chair. We have reduced the product to its most essential parts—nothing extra, no unhealthy materials (for the user or environment), and no user complexity—with fine-tuned ergonomics at an affordable price.

What you absolutely have to have in your studio: Light is very important to me. Not only is our space constantly shifting as light passes through it each day, but we are also constantly thinking about how light effect us emotionally and biologically. We integrate these explorations into our work.

What you do when you’re not working: Thinking, researching, and exploring. I am someone who is in constant search for what I call truth. I am continuously seeking new discoveries in physics, cosmology, and the human sciences.

Sources of creative envy: Biology and physics. This for me is what I look for in the work that we do. We ask how, and we deliver meaningful truth. The known frontier continues to expand these fields. And the truth, being stranger than fiction, is far more interesting than what we invent ourselves.

The distraction you want to eliminate: Ignorance. It is time-consuming and often frustrating not to have answers. Being informed and being surrounded by those who are make for a richer and more consequential experience.

Concrete or marble? Marble. It is not man-made.

High-rise or townhouse? Townhouse.

Aliens or ghosts? Aliens—as in life outside our own planet, not as in science fiction.

Remember or forget? Remember. Memories are often more beautiful than the event itself.

Dark or light? Without darkness there is no light.

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