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V. Mitch McEwen: COVID-19 and White Supremacy are Dual Pandemics

The Assistant Professor at Princeton University and co-founder of design collaborative Atelier Office sees parallels between the coronavirus pandemic and white supremacy.

As part of our Surface Summer School lecture series, V. Mitch McEwen spoke to the students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Stuart Weitzman School of Design about her own efforts to help combat COVID-19 and the dual pandemic of white supremacy.

Takeaways: McEwen spoke about the ongoing initiative of Black Box Research Group, which works out of the Architecture Labs at Princeton University, to design Personal Protective Equipment, using 3D printers and other tools in the SOA lab spaces. She also spoke on the myopic impact of European architecture on education, the lack of black architects (about one percent of the profession), and the innovative nature of the low-income class. “The reason I put these two pandemics into one talk is because nothing is ever actually evenly distributed,” she said.

Black Box Research Group's COVID-19 face shields.

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