The Surface Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is geared toward a discerning consumer who, like us, tends to cringe at the thought of a sappy Hallmark holiday. Spanning everything from Luis Morais’s locket necklace and Venus et Fleur’s floral-shaped champagne flutes to uplifting prints inspired by a Marina Abramović manifesto, the selections below are covetable and on-theme, sans the cheese. Which is to say, any of the items on this list are desirable no matter what day it is.

Balmain Hair: The Heritage 1974 Collection

The French fashion house has been in operation for just under 80 years, but its line of hair couture is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the beauty house has released a triad of hair fragrances, named for its founding year. The collection embodies Balmain’s straightforward elegance, with each scent named for a hero note: Cardamom, Ginger, or Vetiver. $177

Luis Morais: Love Lock Necklace

This piece from Luis Morais will suit any Valentine who embraces wearing their heart on their sleeve. The Love Lock necklace embodies the Miami-based designer’s rock’n’roll ethos with a modern interpretation of a traditional locket necklace. The 18 carat gold combination lock opens under one condition: the letters spelling “love” are aligned. $5,740

Marina Abramović for Circa: Unconditional Love

Performance art pioneer Marina Abramović has pushed the limits of her body and mind for the past 50 years. She now applies body to paper through an intimate triptych carefully outlining her hands and silhouette to create a striking new portrait. Expelling red pastel swirls of energy, the prints center on handwritten words taken from her Unconditional Love manifesto that’s all about, as it goes, “inviting positivity.” £360 ($456)

L’Objet: Rose Noire 

Can’t treat your Valentine to a romantic dinner in a dusky rose garden? L’Objet’s latest scent, which blends Turkish rose oil, rose absolutes, and the delicate blush of rose de mai, might be the next best option. Earthy spices and notes of Ceylon tea shroud the fragrance in a smoky mystique and a verdant embrace. Pair it with the Rose Noire Hand and Body Soap, which includes a fragrant foaming cleanser and moisturizing hand lotion, for the full experience. $250 for 100 mL, $160 for 50 mL, $130 for the hand and body soap

Bevza: Marigold Jewelry

Spikelets of wheat may be a perennial muse for the Ukrainian designer Svitlana Bevza, but this season, she found inspiration in another emblem of her home country: the marigold. A symbol of optimism, renewal, and revival, the blooms were a favorite of the designer’s late grandfather. No longer able to plant Marigold seeds in Kyiv in his honor, as she has for the past 20 years, this collection sees her label’s supporters don them as gold vermeil earrings, necklaces, and pins from New York to Seoul, Paris, and in between. From $150

Venus Et Fleur: Floral Champagne Glasses

Each of Venus et Fleur’s slender glass flutes is anchored by a blooming flower-shaped base gracefully connected to a winding stem that elegantly opens up to hold delectable champagne. Mix and match red and white color variations, which are uniquely handmade by the brand’s partner artisans and bring a floral touch to any wine cabinet. $198 for a set of two

Svenskt Tenn: Knot of Friendship Candle Holder

Josef Frank fled Austria due to mounting anti-Semitism and political turmoil in the early 1930s and designed Vänskapsknuten—the Knot of Friendship—shortly after to symbolize friendship and peace as World War II broke out. Intertwining brass rods loop in sensitive, calligraphic strokes, affording the candelabra a weightless grace. A beloved fixture of the Swedish homewares brand, the piece stuns from every angle, even without the symbolism. $320

Cultus Artem: Sea Pinks Necklace

This past fall, Cultus Artem founder Holly Tupper created a jaw-dropping debut fine jewelry collection informed by a lifetime of memorable encounters with nature. Each piece embraces the creative power of nature, one of the most dazzling being the Sea Pinks necklace. What better way is there to embody such a grand gesture than with a constellation of diamonds, a dazzling array of glittering pink tourmalines, and blush-toned pearls? Price upon request

Creo: Boxer Brief

Grant Legan spent years searching for the perfect pair of underwear. A photographer whose work often features scantily clad men, he was seeking a more photogenic brief that also struck the balance between sexy and comfortable. Unsatisfied with the options on the market, he launched Creo, an art-influenced intimates line made with plant-based micro modal fabric that is as sustainable and it is sensual. $55

Tyler Ellis: Lee Pouchet

The best kinds of gifts are imbued with integrity of craft and can be used for years to come. In that vein, Tyler Ellis’s sparkling Lee Pouchet is a timeless envelope-style clutch embellished with Swarovski rock crystals. An exterior pocket, cross-body chain, and the ability to fit even the largest iPhone make it ready for wherever date night takes you two. $3,675

The Future Perfect: French Press

An exquisite addition to the home of a coffee-loving art collector with a sense of humor, Frank Traynor’s serpentine and tin-embellished French press is sure to make them smile. The coffee maker is an extension of The Perfect Nothing Catalog, the artist’s exhibition and store that became the talk of Brooklyn’s art sphere a decade ago. This collection, available through The Future Perfect, brings the same spirit of irreverence to everyday objects. $1,500

Plaitly: Heliodon Pendant in Rose Gold

This bespoke rose gold pendant from the Brooklyn jewelry brand’s Heliodon Collection captures the sun angle at a specific location, date, and time chosen by you, making no two pendants exactly alike. Each is a customized shape and features an engraving of coordinates—perhaps of a meet-cute or a proposal—that hold special meaning. $199

House of Honey: Bellefontaine Interior Fragrance

Among the Southern California design crowd, House of Honey is known for channeling the idyllic ecosystem into livable and inviting interiors. Their latest endeavor, into home fragrances, is decidedly more giftable. Bring the bounty of citrus season home, wherever you are, with the brand’s Pasadena fragrance: it captures roses in bloom, jasmine, and sweet orange in a delightful package. $70

Chilewich: Tambour Basket

Fill Chilewhich’s textile Tambour basket with your valentine’s choice of cashmere, champagne, flowers, or even an oversized houseplant. Made locally in New Jersey, this piece of home décor and storage is lined with recycled felt and features an integrated base to help it keep its shape. The woven fabric is both stain resistant and fade resistant and wipes clean—perfect for a home with little ones and pets in the mix. From $250

Art For Change: José Lerma, Rosas Grises (Pink) Limited Edition Print

A fragrant bouquet may not suit every Valentine’s fancy, but a new addition to their art collection sure might. Seville-born painter José Lerma blends influences from the canon of classical European painting and pop art to create large scale, textural works on canvas. His signed, numbered, and hand-embellished prints are significantly more giftable and will outlast a bouquet by far. From $600.

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