Pack a Punch

Craig Arend of a street-style photoblog Altamira muses on some of the season's most vibrant fashion-forward kicks.
Louis Vuitton
"These vintage print references remind me of 1960s Flower Power: The shape of the heel is very reminiscent of the era, and the colors and print look almost like a Jimi Hendrix poster. In the words of Timothy Leary: 'Turn on, tune in, drop out!' Grace Slick would make the perfect brand ambassador for these."
Christian Louboutin
"The transparent panels create a fun, playful peek-a-boo effect. Paired with the daring choice of synthetic materials, the graphic stripes and colors create a bold geometric energy that definitely makes this a statement shoe."
Mary Katrantzou
"These are part of a collection that Katrantzou says symbolized the Pangea and Panthalassa era, something you can see with the crystallized toe-cap, snakeskin texture, and white piping. To me, these represent change: Just as the earth's supercontinent once split into a new image, so can we."
Alexander Wang
"The colors remind me of the New York Knicks, and the weave reminds me of the Nike Air Woven. Here, Wang has taken something as accessible as a Nike sneaker and elevated the concept to a runway-worthy look. Democratic styles seem to be setting the new norm in fashion these days."
"Surfer girls rejoice: This gives an easy 2 inches for that stroll along Venice Beach's oceanfront walk. Considering how much sportswear has defined luxury fashion, this shoe galvanizes what we're feeling now. With its simple colors and Teva-like Velcro strap, this is the ultimate rejection of the 'sexy' shoe. Manrepelling at its finest!"

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