Water Droplets Inspire BIG’s New Pendants for Louis Poulsen

The Danish lighting mainstay teams up with Bjarke Ingels Group for a series of sleek aluminum pendants that channel the fluidity of nature.

For its latest streamlined design, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) went back to nature. The Danish powerhouse has joined forces with storied lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen to create Keglen, a collection of sleek aluminum-spun pendants inspired by water droplets. 

“With Keglen, we were inspired by the shape of droplets and their conical appearance,” says Jakob Lange, a partner at BIG. Lange manages BIG Ideas, the firm’s product division that devises lighting and digital solutions for projects the world over. Along with cultivating a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the funnel-shaped pendants were designed with pragmatism in mind. Each Keglen light features a curved opal insert, which creates a soft and glare-free glow. And by slicking their interiors with a coat of white, light reflects expertly. Adds Lange, “By placing the source of light at the center of the distinctive, downturned lampshade, a diffusion of light gently emanates above and below the shade to create a calming uniform ambiance.”

Louis Poulsen was an obvious partner for BIG Ideas. Founded in 1874, the Danish lighting manufacturer has crafted pieces with industry icons like Poul Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen, and has a roster full of decorative mainstays like the PH Artichoke. The pair first teamed up to conceive the lighting scheme for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, Denmark, which BIG designed. Louis Poulsen crafted a modular system of conical fixtures that took to the ceilings of the exhibition spaces. 

Keglen, which launches later this fall, expands on the successful design of the Tirpitz pendants, while encouraging customization for homes, restaurants, and more. Black or white, slick or matte, monumental or delicate, the versatile fixtures can be tailored to one’s specific aesthetic while maintaining the core form. As Lange says, though the design details of each light may differ, they are all one family.

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